94 Million Eligible Voters Did Not Vote in 2016. Democrats: Get Out THAT Vote!

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When President Donald Trump reportedly urged his supporters to vote twice, once by mail-in ballot and once in-person, the “clarifications” followed: No, he was not encouraging voting twice — which is illegal — just “testing the system”: Voters should vote by mail, then go to their polling station to verify their ballot was tabulated.

But: Clarifying nuance may be lost on Trump’s more ardent supporters. Double-voting is now a real possibility. Trump clearly is trying to fog up the election so he can declare it invalid.

And just as clearly, the Democrats’ mission crystalizes: We must win by massive and irrefutable margins. And we can.

How? There are reserves to be tapped — 94 million of them, to be exact.

In the 2016 presidential election, 94 million eligible voters did not vote. Nothing about that sentence is a typo, neither the 94 nor the million nor the eligible. Fully 40% of eligible voters chose to stay home, despite the hoopla of the first woman nominee running for President (Hillary Clinton).

While such level of voter non-participation is an indictment of American democracy, it is also a tool — and Democrats need to use it, now.

Of course, eligible — of age — does not mean actually registered to vote. Here’s where our work lies: We need to register as many of those 94 million as we can, and ideally to vote Democrat (blue).

Here is the toolbox: Eligible voters can find their state and register online — at USA.GOV and Vote.org. (The latter claims registering takes two minutes.)

Haste is of the essence: Election Day, Nov. 3, is exactly 60 days off. Each state has various requirements and deadlines for registration (breakdown here).

Voter discretion advised, though: Many — most? — of the 94 million eligible-but-not-registered, it can be surmised, are what political scientists call “disaffected.” Either they don’t believe their vote counts or they are “low-information,” whatever. But, put bluntly: Disaffected is Donald Trump’s siren song, his meat-and-potatoes. And put delicately: Democrats must discern the likelihood that a particular disaffected person in their sights might respond to that siren song and swing Republican (red). Why recruit troops for Trump? Again, voter discretion is advised — yours.

In your recruitment pitch, encourage newly registered voters to vote up and down the ballot (and up-and-down blue). There is always a sizeable “under-vote” in every election, in which voters vote, say, for President but not for other offices. We want a blue tsunami this year — not only for the White House but the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House, and the state legislatures — so fully completed ballots are crucial.

Also crucial: Vote early! The hashtag #VoteByOct22 is trending.

It’s pointless to reexamine all the ways this President has undermined our voting system, with his incessant harping on a “rigged” result — alleging mail-ballot fraud, trying to disarm the U.S. Postal Service, trying to delay the election date, refusing to counter Russia’s interference, etc. And it’s pointless to ponder Trump’s evil genius.

The point now is: Trump is actively rigging the system himself. Thus it is imperative that Democrats produce a blue tsunami, up and down the ballot — a tsunami so massive and irrefutable that no recount is triggered, no legal action is necessary, no Republican can quibble.

If every registered Democratic voter registered another new Democratic voter, we could get to massive and irrefutable: Per Gallup, 31% of the electorate is Democrat, versus 26% Republican and 41% Independent. Democrats, get cracking and recruiting.

While 94 million eligible nonvoters is, yes, an indictment of American democracy, converting a critical number of those 94 million into registered Democratic voters could save our democracy.

News flash: In Texas, Democrats announce target of registering one million — 1,000,000 — new voters for November. If historically red Texas were to turn blue….

Go to it, Dems!

For other voter resources, see my earlier post, “How to Foil Trump’s Mail-Tampering? Vote Early!”

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